New Orleans and Denver Professional Photographers
Bridal Portraits
Friday, January 31, 2014 4:23PM

Bridal sessions have always been popular in the Southern southern states, but this year we will see them make a resurgence into the mainstream.   We have always offered bridal sessions.  Many times brides ask about how their dresses will fair at a session like this.  We do take the utmost care with your dress and we have ways to prevent the dress from coming in contact with any dirt. If the idea of a bridal session before the wedding it too stressful for you, then consider one after the wedding day. There was a trend for a while called "trash the dress."  In all honesty, we were never really big on the idea.    Since we have always leaned more towards the idea of timeless imagery, we did feel like this was a fad.  We are happy to see this fad take a step down.  Our other goal is to make every bride feel stunningly beautiful.  This is your opportunity to be pampered and feel like model from the most recent bridal fashion magazine.  There is no reason to feel ordinary when you have the chance to feel extroidinary.   I decided to highlight some of my favorites from this past year.  I love this image.  The feel of the image is so classic.   I love the colors that pop within this image that was taken at The Columns Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. The photo below was captured right ...

Denver Engagement at Sienna Wine Bar and City Park
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:20PM

I met up with Aimee and Chuck for their engagement session.  I had an idea for an engagement session in cool local coffee shop, but it was to crowded.  I asked them if there was a cafe or location that meant something to them.  We hopped in our cars and drove over to the Sienna Wine Bar.It was perfect.  I loved the colors of Sienna Wine Bar, and it fit them perfectly.  it turns out this was where they had their first date, how perfect is that! The atmosphere is Sienna is relaxed, warm and intimate.  I loved how the owners were right there interacting with the clientele. 

Boulder, Colorado Engagement Session with Sarah and Bill
Friday, March 29, 2013 11:09AM

I met Sarah and Bill last year in September.  They are both very busy people.  Sarah is in med school here in Denver, Bill is in law school in Philidelphia, and they are plannning their wedding in the middle of that!  We met for their engagement session in Boulder.  We walked around a little bit.  My whole goal is to get you comfortable with having your picture taken continually for a period of time.  There is a warm up period.  I had them look at each other seriously.  I knew it would lead to something.  Bill just craked up.  I loved the series of his reaction, and finally ending up with a genuine and relaxed smile as he looks at Sarah. To me, the main purpose of the engagement session is to get to know two people.  I did not think that these two were going to be as relaxed in front of the camera as they were.  We walked over by the library.  A few months ago I found what I felt to be a great spot for pictures.  When there are no leaves on the trees you really have to search.  I loved the combination of yellows in the sun and grays branches, which also fit well with their wardrobe. Since I am learning about a couple, I do not want the entire color palate of an engagement session to be the same.  This is the test for the wedding day.  We decided to walk back to the cars, so we ...

Tattered Cover Bookstore Engagement Session Denver, Colorado
Friday, March 29, 2013 12:51AM

Earlier this month I had to pleasure of meeting Benjamin and Katharine for their engagement session. They were wonderful, so alive with love and passion for one another.  Katharine has this wonderful spark to her.  She had me smiling the entire time.  The way that Benjamin looks at her is so amazing.  They are not only so adorable, but also so passionate about their own individual goals in life.  I picked the Tattered Cover in Denver because I felt it fit their life. As the session progressed, I learned that one of their first dates was to a used bookstore.After we moved on from The Tattered Cover we walked around downtown Denver learning more about one another.  We crossed over the Millenium Bridge, and I knew that I wanted to work this structure into their session. As the afternoon progressed, I had to return the the bridge for some dramitic lighting.  I really wanted to give them a 1940's look to their vintage outfits.

Vail, Colorado Winter Wedding
Monday, December 10, 2012 4:05PM

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of being a part of Stephanie and Steve's wedding in Vail, Colorado at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa.  Keep in mind, we have had a very slow start to winter in Colorado.  There has hardly been any snowfall this year.  Stephanie and Steve came all the way from Florida for their Colorado winter mountain wedding.  All they wanted was snow.The first night I was there, we walked around scoping out locations of places we wanted to capture.  There was hardly any snow to speak of.  The forecast was calling for 9 inches of snowfall overnight.  We had our fingers crossed. When I woke up the next morning, I peeked through the curtains hopeful to see 9 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  NOTHING!  Not even a dusting.   We discussed doing a first look.  I highly recommend doing a first look before the ceremony.  The first look is a private and intimate moment.  The first look does not take anything away from the ceremony.  This a quiet moment that a bride and a groom have together before all of the various events of the day take over.Many people who know our style know that we LOVE color.  But with what was about to happen........I was really feeling black and white!All the sudden after the first look the snow began to fall.  Stephanie said she wanted ...